Updates :P

Sounds like I haven’t wrote too much lately so I guess I need to keep you updated:

First of all: I am finally a university student! Gorizia here I go ❤ International Affairs and Diplomacy is the course I was accepted in. Classified number 40 in the list, out of 120 places available and 208 people passing the entry exam. This really makes me proud of myself 😀

This is a view of the university in Gorizia 🙂

There is also a guy stuck in my head, I won’t say names, I will only say he is not a new acquaintance. I met him previously this year and he seems not willing to leave my mind. You know I wanted NO guys, especially because I have a 40 days trip planned? Well fuck that, I leave in 5 days and I will have this thought running around my mind. Weeeeeee! 😛

But let’s talk about the trip! I am leaving in 5 days! I hope to keep this blog updated from New York as well, even if it will sound really hard since I won’t have my laptop with me during my journey! I will just post videos from Youtube or write some stuff from my phone I suppose and then I’ll post some cool photos when I come back home! You will of course be updated of my new university life as soon as I start classes!

Gosh, this year is so full of satisfactions 😀 I want to live it to the fullest!

I’ll keep you updated ❤



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