University life

I guess it’s been a while since the last time I posted something on here and wow, so many things happened, so many things changed, so many new things started, like my university life!

But first of all, I want to write a brief summary of what happened during my trip, since even if I promised I would have updated my blog while I was on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, I didn’t have the chance to do so: no laptop and my cellphone was the only way to connect to the internet while I was in New York, and I find pretty difficult to just post a blog entry with my phone since I tend to write way too much! When I was in Toronto they lent me a tablet, but still, time wasn’t my bestfriend. I still need to write some journal entries about the Canadian part of my trip and I am trying to find the time for just everything, especially now that life has become busy.

New York was fabulous. There is no word that can describe the greatness of the city and how mad busy it is! I was really shocked to see so many people in the same place at the same time. You know, I come from the country, and all I see in a “city” is just random people walking on the streets, but NOT jam-packed areas like in the Big Apple. It was, in fact, a culture shock for me when I first walked in the city on my own. I really got used to the local life though, the subway wasn’t scaring me at all and I actually ended up walking on my own around this huge city where nobody bothers you because they are hella busy and they do not have time to pay attention to you! I really loved that fact. I wish more people were like New Yorkers. Italians are way too nosy!!! They always want to know about your business! And another thing I really loved about the city was the mixture of cultures you can find… really, there’s no city in the world where you can find as many people from different backgrounds as in NY! Mexican, Chinese, Dominican, Korean, Indian are the dominant ethnicities, but I am sure you can find people from smaller and more unknown places 😀
A very “mixed” city is also Toronto, it’s sort of a Canadian NYC, although there’s no “melting pot” conception, they all belong to their roots. What really surprised me (but not too much, because I already knew about American pride) was that any person who became a US citizen is first of all an American, then they can be of Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai descent. But they are American, even if the only that can be really called like that are Natives. Aaaanyways, I am not here to discuss about ethnicities, heritages and blah blah blah. The difference between Canadians and American is basically that Canadians are still proud of their roots, you can find an Italian telling you “I am Canadian from Udine!” and you are looking at this person like “wtf” because you perfectly know that Udine is in Italy lol. Another thing about Toronto? Damn full of Italians! You can naturally speak Italian and I assure you that a good 50% of the population of the city will understand you.
Other than that, everything is wonderful in Canada. The landscape, the leaves, the people, everything… Life is well organized, it has a great quality, and that’s why you get to pay a lot of money for just anything. Taxes here, taxes there… That’s just normal in a place like that.

But wasn’t I supposed to speak about university? The title of this post states that 😀
Finally starting university was the time of my life. Some of my friends now say “how can you still be so excited to go to university?” lol I just enjoy this new life made of classes and new people, new friends, a new place to live, new things to do… I moved almost a month ago and I still do not feel the whole thing, I wasn’t as excited as I thought, I was sure I could just be hyperactive for the first week while I actually was normal, and the same happened during my trip to North America. Don’t get me wrong, I felt excited, but I didn’t feel it was necessary to externate it. Same here. I moved, I started going to university, I met the person I really wanted to meet on the first day of classes, even if for a short time but that was enough to bright up my day!
Classes are nice, interesting and the professors don’t seem that cruel for now 😀 I know it’s the beginning, we’ll see in february, when the exams will come up! I really like what I am studying, everything seems to agree with what I like.

My classmates are nice, I met a lot of them just in the first days and they showed a lot of kindness towards me, especially because I was new, I was coming from another country (even if only for a trip) so everybody was asking me all about it, and when it came to ask for notes they didn’t hesitate to help me 🙂 I like this kind of teamwork! I see there are many good people in there, although you know, when you don’t really know a person you cannot really judge.

What I really need now is to free up my mind (yes YOU, please, I am getting crazy trying to understand what your intentions are, my compliments, you are so friggen mysterious!) and start studying seriously, because my goal is now to study and pass all the exams in order to be able to graduate as soon as possible!  😀


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