When unexpected things make you smile like nothing else ever has.

I came back home today.. and I never thought this could happen! I took a train, time: 17.23. I arrived at the station, there was a line of people in front of the ticket office. I see this rucksack, and it reminded me of the person I was actually thinking about for the last two hours. OH MY GOD that was him! I couldn’t believe it. I thought that was a joke, but when I called his name and he looked at me I was stuck. I started smiling, smiling, smiling.. I am smiling even now! He always makes me smile with nothing. Just being himself, just when he says hi, when he smiles. When he just says something, or when you think about him all day and then you find him at the station when you least expect it.
He starts speaking, just a little bit. He is still shy. He says a few words and it seems I am the one who speaks the most. I hate this feeling. But soon everything changes. We go outside, at the platform to wait for our train. Destiny was that we had to take the same train! He starts to get more confidence, he speaks a little more, he smiles, smokes a cigarette.
The train arrives. It’s time to get on it and get a place. I find a place and sit there, he follows me and sits in front of me. We leave, he starts speaking on the phone, I look out of the window to try to hide that stupid smile that keeps glowing in my face. I am lost in my thoughts. He is too. We talk about random things, he seems more confident, but still shy, seems like he wants to hide something.
I arrived at my station. He has to go through and reach the terminus to go back home. I take my luggage, I say goodbye. He says goodbye, then, in a clumsy way he says: have a good weekend. And he smiles. Gosh that smile really brightens up my day and make me feel there’s nothing going wrong in this world. Better than weed, huh? Haha
I get off the train and I fastly reach the other platform, the train leaves, I see him looking out of the window, he changed place, he is now sitting where I was and shyly smiles at me like he knew what my smile was for, the smile I still keep on my face. ❤


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I'm me :) I got my own style, I follow my own fashion. Photographer. Blogger. Fashionista. DJ. Traveler. Want more?
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