Slimy. Obsessed. Part 3

Haha seems like I am back with a new chapter of the Slimy. Obsessed. series, looks like I am having fun having these kinda people around, but trust me. I don’t.

This time everything happens at work, with a perfect unknown person, who is also 19 years older than you so you might think something is really wrong with this one. Not all the rollers in his brain are on their right place.

I used to work as a hotel receptionist in the same place I was working last year, (yes, exactly the same place where I met my ex boyfriend, so you might already think: what a great summer you had!) so I perfectly knew what I was going to encounter. New people actually, since the management of everything is now in the hands of the son of my ex boss. The kitchen staff is changed, thank God I didn’t have to see my ex boyfriend again. This made me think this summer would have been different. No, I was really wrong.
This person was working there as a handyman, so he was doing just everything, from reparations to some cleaning or helping other colleagues (but most of the time, especially at the end of the summer, he was hiding downstairs doing misterious things no one wants to know. He was even showering every day in this old shower the cooks usually use to clean the fryers). It seemed he wasn’t that dangerous at the beginning, I remember we talked a few times about random things so I thought he would just be a normal person. I was wrong.

One day I am walking to the bus station to get the bus and come home from work, the bus was leaving 30minutes after I arrived there, so I usually sit somewhere, smoke a cigarette or eat an ice cream. He arrives there. Says hi. I say hi back and we just talk. I thought he parked his car next to the station and was going to leave soon, but when you see him every evening at the same time coming there with no interest in leaving some suspects are legit to come up. I started arriving later at the station, but no. He was looking for me or even waiting for me in a place I couldn’t just avoid to see him.
The day of my birthday he was there. Waiting for me with a small plastic bag on his hand. He said happy birthday (he could have said that one of the million times he saw me at work, but no) and gave me that plastic bag. “It’s a small present for you.” Okaaaay, you didn’t have to. You don’t even know me, what’s the reason for all this? “Oh nothing, just a little present for your birthday”. You would think: Awwwww that’s soooo sweet of him! NO. Really. That was MAD SCARY. Especially when you find a rose shaped candle inside the small box that was into the plastic bag. Why a rose shaped candle?

What really made me think he was a stalker was the day before one of my days off, I was already on the bus sitting and listening to music. I looked outside of the window and he was outside the bus trying to look inside to see if I was there. That really scared me to death. I wanted to leave as soon as possible and I was really fearing everytime I was going to the bus station. Talking about this at work wasn’t helping much because seeing him all the time made me become crazy over this. If he didn’t stop, I would have reported him to the police. It was time to come up to an end. Really.
I was ready to tell him to stop, even though I was more than sure that he would have not followed my tips. I started ignoring him as well, it was time to make him understand I am not what he wants me to be, also because he could perfectly be my father.

Things started to come back to normality, even though he still tried to talk to me for just stupid things, but I wasn’t answering, sometimes I was, but just with monosyllables, just when necessary. After like a month a colleague of mine told me she was experiencing the same thing with him following her home, asking to drink a coffee (just an excuse!) and just talk. No, this is really too much.

What the hell do these men have? Seems like there is an outbreak of sliminess because there are too many people acting really weird.

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Dedicated to you ;)

Loose lips on ships
He’s getting to grips
With what you said
Know it’s not in his head
He can’t awake and forget day after day
Why don’t you talk about it
Why do you always doubt
That there can’t be a better way
It doesn’t make him want to stay

Why don’t you break up
There’s nothing left to say
He got his eye shut praying they won’t stray
And when he sexed up
That’s what makes the difference today
I hope you blow away

You said you’re fatally flopped
When he’s easily bored
Is that okay?
Strike him off your list
Made this the last kiss
He’ll walk away

Why don’t you talk about it
He’s only here Don’t shout it
Given time you’ll forget
Let’s pretend you’ve never met


Screw you he didn’t like your taste
Anway, he chose you
Let’s all gone to wasted Saturday
He’ll go out and find another you

Why don’t you
Why don’t you break up
There’s nothing left to say
He got his eye shut praying they won’t stray
Oh! When he sexed up
That’s what makes the difference today
I hope you blow away

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Who are you?

Whoa, people are really strange lately. They first act like you are their bestfriend, then they turn out to be a random acquaintance. People disappear when you are asking certain things, when you say the truth, when you understand they are lying. Why? Why don’t people just act with honesty? It really drives me nuts, because I really care about this friend of mine. We’ve been knowing each other since we were young and I don’t get why everytime I am not well because something is going wrong with me she is there to listen, she pretends to be the best friend that everyone wants, but when I want to share my happiness nobody is there. Especially her. A good friend is who you actually share your thoughts with, whether they are happy thoughts or sad ones. Why do I always have to be the one who complains about life, can’t I be happy? And why don’t you just share something about your life with me too? The only thing I know about her now are her moments with her boyfriend and some things about her university life. But what are your feelings? What do you think on what I say, what I do? Why do I now feel like I don’t know you anymore? I feel like I am talking to someone I just met, you know, when you just say the necessary, you don’t get into details because you don’t trust the person yet. I feel like I am being judged, like I am subordinate, like she is more than me and that she judges what I do, what I say.. I don’t think a friendship can be based on something like this, don’t you think? I actually think a friendship should be based in mutual trust, and, overall, in a so-called equality. “You are not more than me, I am not more than you.” I am sorry to hear there are many people who don’t think this is right, I don’t know why though. That is not true friendship. Then don’t wonder why I don’t say anything to you now, why I try to keep secrets from you. There is a reason. Not that I think that you are going to tell them to others, I don’t actually care, my reputation is already bad everywhere I go, some think I am a slut, some think I am a nerd, some think I am stupid, some think I am an opportunist, a profiteer… I don’t care what people say, I learned that people who actually know you for real, know you are not all these things. One of those people was her. I think she still is, I don’t think she would say I am a slut since she has no reason to say that, for example. But still, what I meant was that there is a reason why I don’t say some things.. And it’s because you know, people not always approve things. You may not agree to many of my current thoughts. I am still childish in some precincts, you may have understood that. You will be saying “Oh c’mon. Forget about that! It’s just not for you.” Like you said the last time we talked face-to-face. Nobody cares about what I feel. And no, if you’re reading this, I am not talking about guys. It’s just not my priority now, I don’t care about him. I just don’t want to ruin a friendship lasted ages for a stupid guy. I noticed that everything changed since that day and I don’t get why, since that guy is nothing for me as I am nothing for him. We random talk? Who cares? I mean, there is no point of acting like this. I don’t need grudge, thanks. I miss all those days laughing like crazy about just anything.. When we were also laughing about things I liked or made me feel bad. You always helped me smiling again. Like when me and my ex broke up. I really liked how you were close to me in that period, but it seems you don’t want me to be this close to you. You once told me “I don’t need a baby-sitter, I don’t need anyone.” That really made me bear in mind for months. What did she want to say? That I am not necessary in her life? Then what am I doing here? Why do you call me your best friend when you don’t need anyone? Friends should help each other. Okay, that could have been a bad moment, but I can’t help if I am not considered a part of your life. It’s just that I sometimes don’t understand you. I wish I could read minds now, at least I won’t be writing here. Life would be fucking easier.

What I want to repeat again is that of course I care more about our friendship than a stupid boy, stupid toughts, stupid people. Full stop.

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Slimy.Obsessed. Part 2

Seems like the slimies chapter is not finished yet. Yes, you got that right, although it’s not always the same person bothering me. Can I say.. um.. luckily?!

The one I was talking about in my first post about “slimies” is not bothering at the moment, wow, I feel pretty relieved, but I just don’t want to crow over my victory, since he may come back sooner or later. Right now he just writes posts on Facebook about how bad life is and how stupid a certain girl is for not paying attention to him. I have nothing to say, life is cruel, we all know it.

But I didn’t come here to write another post about him, rather about another friend of mine, which is actually kinda getting slimy too, but in a different way it seems.
We met three years ago, through a colleague of mine and we’ve been normal friends ever since. Nothing really seemed to be problematic between us, we rarely saw each other, even when I came back to my hometown from where I was working that year.  When we met nothing strange was happening, we would just talk about random stuff, he was working at this bar everyday so we actually never found the time to date or just going out together. UNTIL LAST SUNDAY. We went out for an appetizer, and we just ended up sitting at a bar and talk about everything. It was fine, except for some things that came up during the conversation that made me think “NO WAY!” like the fact that he doesn’t want me to wear Converse shoes or jeans and t-shirt, at least when I see him. No wait.. WHAT? It’s my style, I just wear what I want, end of the story. I can dress elegant, sporty, casual… You don’t have to care. Plus, you’re not even my boyfriend! I am wondering what is happening to these guys lately. Oh and still, you won’t decide what I wear darling. You can be my boyfriend, my dad, my friend or a random person I don’t even know. But please. Shut the fuck up when it comes to clothing.

But the slimy/obsessed action? Yes, you might wonder where that is. Well, the obsession with me dressing up elegant is already something I guess, but what happened recently was actually the fact that he kept asking me to go out together in different situations. The first one was actually the program for Easter Monday at the river with other people to have fun. That seemed nice to me, I have always wanted to do something like that so I was about to accept if I didn’t have to work in that period. The second one was going to his new house as soon as it’s finished (it’s getting restructured), I still don’t know what for. Then one night party at a beach house this summer and the appetizer on Sunday. You might think it’s not that much, well yes, it was okay until Sunday, especially when he said: “I don’t call people to go out, I gave up some time ago. If people want me, they will call me.” I felt like I won’t see him for a couple of months now so I didn’t panic that much. But then the other day I get this text at 9am, while still asleep.. “Hey! What ya doin’ today?” I, naive, wrote back.. In fact I was home the whole day so if I wanted to go out I could. He wanted to go to the mountains with ME (and maybe hopefully another friend, I don’t know) and leave at like 11am. Be back at 4pm. What? I mean, yes, all your initiatives sound really nice but well, you know I have to give explanations to my family in this cases (shit. yes I live with my parents) and then… random question. Why are you always calling me lately? The last proposal arrived today. “Are you out tonight? If so, let me know we can see each other.” And now you may ask if he is feeling that sort of mercy towards me or if he’s like making a pass at me, flirting or just trying to get pussy since those MILFs he was going out with are too old now? Or maybe they don’t want him anymore. I wonder why he is acting like this. He never did. I think there’s a pussy famine in the area!

Things are simple. When you want a guy so bad and you are maybe trying to flirt with someone, this guy doesn’t like you and no decent guys are around for you, or maybe they only want one thing. When you actually decide you don’t want anybody around, seems like all the worst guys try to flirt with you like you’re the only girl in the planet. I mean.. c’mon. I don’t want anyone right now. I am single and happy and especially NOT looking. Thanks. 🙂

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It’s when they’ll tell you to give up that you’ll start to fight.

Follow your heart, follow your dreams. If it’s worth it you won’t regret it 🙂

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I guess the title says it all.
I just have to say how friggen happy I am today 😀 Gorizia wants me again! Although Idk if Deni wants me there as well since she should host me there. You know how it is..
But the good thing is that actually TWO people asked me when I am going to come there again! And one of them is HIM. Yes. THAT guy. The one I was telling you that I wanted to meet and things didn’t go as expected, they went EVEN BETTER. LOL

OMG can’t wait to go there again! Something is in the air, I feel it. ❤

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You shook me all night long!

Yeah YOU! Shook me all night long ❤

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